Bonjour Little

'When I was pregnant with my third child, I was doing a lot of research on baby clothing and preparation for the birth: First of all, the 6 sets of pyjamas the hospital asked for, and then, of course, cute tiny outfits for the baby's first pictures and to introduce my little nugget to family and friends.

After my baby was born, I spent every morning undressing my sleepy baby to dress him in cute daytime outfits.
As a result, I bothered him when I had to dress him up, he was uncomfortable in his clothes, not free to move. Not comfortable for a newborn at all! Everytime his size changed, I renewed every piece of clothing not only for the day but the night too: a huge loss of time and money that did not suit me at all!

I have always felt the necessity to try and make life more simple so that everything goes as smooth as possible, but also with this unconditional love for aesthetic, that I cannot renounce.

Then, I thought about something that would soon change everything:

Does a baby really needs to have either a dressing for the day and for the night? Can’t we just create: Cute and comfy apparel to wear out and sleep in? … Bonjour Little was born.

Day and night clothing, that allows parents to change their baby whenever necessary (not necessarily in the morning) and cut the amount of clothes in baby's wardrobe by half ... life would therefore be much simpler. And of course it was evident that this collection would need to be made of organic cotton, to take care of our baby's sensitive skin and protect our lovely planet.'

Marie, the founder of Bonjour Little